AquaBall is a game that takes place in the great depths of the ocean
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AquaBall is a ball-bouncing game taking place in the great depths of the ocean. Before you start, a map is shown with all the levels in the game; you can choose the difficulty of each level from easiest to hardest.

During the game you'll control a platform attached to an iron rounded silver tube that surrounds objects in the level. In the middle of the screen, there are objects like seashells, starfish, chests, etc. These objects are your targets. The objective of the game is very simple: there's a ball and when the game starts this ball will start bouncing all over the area. Your task is to move the platform left and right to prevent the ball from falling to the underwater ground. As you bounce this ball back each time it comes down, you have to aim at the objects to destroy them and earn points.

Every time you destroy an object a bonus may appear, such as money or a useful magnet and other bonuses that will help you a lot to win each level. However, it's not just destroying everything and bouncing the ball, you have to also find a key in order to advance to the next level.

The novelty of this game is that the silver tube forms basically 70% of an ellipse, the remaining 30% hole is at the bottom and the ball can escape through it and hit the ground (whereby you lose). You may find a bonus that will close this gap and you won't have to worry about the ball falling down anymore.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Very dynamic and good-looking interface
  • Good options menu
  • A great variety of levels


  • The idea is very common
  • Sometimes makes the PC freeze or hang for a long time
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